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Does your makeup slide off too early in the day? Maybe your eye and cheek color do a disappearing act despite the vivid shade in the packaging. If you've heard of applying your powder cosmetics wet for a more vibrant effect, now's your chance to do so. This type of application lasts much longer than your usual one.

Spray a fine mist of clean water onto your artist's palette with the atomizer. The water particles are perfect for moistening your brush hairs without overdoing it. Swirl brush hairs into the droplets of water.

Press brush hairs lightly onto the back of your hand to tell if too much water has absorbed into them. If they are merely damp, move on to the next step. Otherwise, if water runs onto your hand, shake brush several times to dry it a little bit. When water no longer runs from the brush hairs, you are ready for product application.

Dip moist brush into the powder cosmetic, be it eyeshadow, foundation or blush. Tap off excess back into the product container. Firmly press the brush onto the spot where you want the highest concentration of color. Use a stippling motion to get the color where you want it. For instance, for blush, touch the brush to the apple of your cheek and stipple outwards towards your hairline. For eyes, touch the brush loaded with damp eyeshadow either to outer corners or on the ball of the eye, depending on what effect you are going for.

Allow product to dry once you have gotten it where you want it. If you need more color, repeat Steps 1 through 3.

Blend the product for a seamless finish. With blush or foundation, for example, use a clean makeup sponge to go over the application until all lines of demarcation have disappeared. On eyes, with an eyeshadow blending brush, buff color in the direction you wish to spread it and clean up any hard lines afterward.


It is easy to saturate your brush too much by dipping it into a cup of water. This creates a runny mess, or at the very least a watery application that dries as a thin layer instead of a vivid and full-bodied one. Use the atomizer as directed for best results. Dot on makeup primer all over face and on eyelids before foundation for even longer lasting makeup wear.

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