Learning to hide a sore with makeup depends on the type of sore you have. It could be a herpes simplex such as a cold sore, acne lesions or redness from a rash. Just as there are different types of sores, there are different procedures to follow for facial imperfections. Concealers are the best option for any facial imperfections and camouflages the problem area.

Cold Sores

Rinse a wash cloth in warm water and gently apply to the sore. Add ice to the cloth and place against to the cold sore to help reduce any swelling before you proceed further.

Add a cold sore medication that is in a gel form and allow it to dry throughly.

Use a liquid concealer rather than a cream or solid one. Allow the concelaer to dry .

Proceed with a little face powder over the dried liquid concealer and carefully dab it on the sore. A disposable makeup sponge or a cotton swab should be used to blend.

Finalize by carefully applying foundation over the area and add the rest of your makeup.


Keep you face totally clean by washing, drying and using an appropriate toner. Allow the area to dry thoroughly.

Help yourself with a cotton swab to cover all the zones of the face with problems by using dabbing concealer directly on top of your pimple.

Apply your foundation with a cosmetic sponge and blend when the concealer has set.

Take the makeup sponge and lightly dust face powder over the area you have added the concealer to ensure additional coverage.

Redness from Rashes and Irritations

Shun hot water on the face area when washing as this will only irritate the problem areas. Rinse with cold water to reduce the irritation caused by rashes and redness due to sensitivity.

Follow a recommended procedure for your sensitive skin. It should still consist of a skin care regime with toning and moisturizing your face that will not cause additional irritation.

Use a yellow toned creamed concealer sparingly. The yellow in the concealer actually tints the discoloration of the skin from redness.

Allow the concealer to dry, and then blend the concealer with a cosmetic sponge or cotton swab.

Follow with the balance of your makeup routine and you are ready to go out red free.


  • Wash hands after applying medication, makeup or touching a cold sore.

  • Concealers may make skin imperfections more obvious so always use a cosmetic sponge or swab to blend throughly.

  • If acne or redness to the facial area is persistent, see a dermatologist to rule out a serious skin condition.

  • Use concealer that is closest to your skin tone.