How to Apply Makeup So That You Look Like a Celebrity

By LeafTV Editor

How to Apply Makeup So That You Look Like a Celebrity. Celebrities do not need to apply their own makeup for shows and such, so it is easy to see how they can always look their best-they have a whole team helping them! For those of us who are not so lucky, some time and effort can help to turn us into our own experts to get the look that we crave for every day.

Step 1

Choose the celebrity whose style you want to mimic and get a picture of their face. You can use the look in the picture to help you copy their results. If you can't figure it out, take it to a makeup counter and ask for tips on the type of products you need.

Step 2

Check out celebrity makeup artists' Web sites-they often post tips and tricks to help you get the professional results that they make look so easy.

Step 3

Practice your look until you can nearly do it in your sleep so that you can get the sexiest results, even when you are in a hurry.