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Highlighter has the ability to completely transform the face when applied correctly. It lifts -giving the look of a more prominent bone structure -- and gives the skin a lit-from-within glow. It also widens eyes, shapes brows and plump lips. While it may be tempting to sweep the iridescent cream or powder all over your face post-foundation, targeted application is key to avoid an oily look. Add highlighter to your daily routine to give your skin an airbrushed finish.

Select a highlighter that suits your skin type. Choose a cream formula for increased illumination if you have dry skin and a finely milled powder for oily or combination skin. Pearl shades work best for fair complexions, off-white shades complement medium skin tones and golden undertones suit dark skin.

Dip a small stippling brush into the highlighter. Stippling brushes pick up enough product, whether cream or powder, while blending well to create a natural result.

Place the brush on the bridge of your nose between your eyes, and gently drag it down until you reach the tip of your nose. Rotate the brush in a circle when you reach the tip to prevent a streaky look.

Dip the brush in highlighter again and place it on the top of your right cheekbone, directly in the center of your eye. Sweep the highlighter upward, moving through the outer edge of your eyebrow and intersecting with your hairline. Bring the brush back to the starting point, and move it over the applied highlighter in an outward-circular motion to blend. Repeat on the left cheek.

Pick up more highlighter with your brush and position it on the left side of your forehead, 2 inches above your eyebrow. Gently press the highlighter into your forehead, moving to the left until you reach your hairline. The left side of the forehead often picks up the most light, and this will accentuate the effect.

Place the brush below the center of your bottom lip, and gently sweep it downward until you reach the edge of your chin.This adds symmetry, bringing it forward to align with the other highlighted areas.

Dip your finger into the highlighter and gently press it beneath the arch of each eyebrow to open up your eyes.

Pick up more highlighter with your fingertip. Pat it on your cupid's bow to add definition and shape to your lips.

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