How to Apply Makeup for Seniors

By LeafTV Editor

Applying makeup as we age may seem tricky, but with a few simple tools and techniques you can boost your confidence and improve your mood. Makeup for seniors requires just a few adjustments in your normal makeup routine to achieve a fresher, brighter look.

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How To Apply Makeup For Seniors

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Start Clean

To make your makeup last and look its best, start with clean, moisturized skin. Use a mild cleanser and a rich, creamy moisturizer. Give your moisturizer a few minutes to sink in and plump the skin.

Next, apply a nickel-sized amount of creamy foundation by dotting with your index finger on cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. Apply sparingly and avoid liquid and powder foundations as they can sink into lines and make you look older. Add a small dot under each eye in the inner corner and blend outward. This will camouflage under-eye circles.

Now, choose a cream blush in pink, peach or rosy brown, and smile. Apply three small dots of blush, starting at the plumpest part of your cheek and moving up toward your cheekbone. Blend with your fingers until there are no visible edges to your glow.

According to makeup artist Bobbi Brown, the most common problem for older women is that their brows fade into near invisibility. To remedy this, use a brow powder applied with an eyebrow brush. Keep the color light and choose according to your hair color. If you have gray hair, use a taupe color, for blond use light brown, and for brunette use a medium brown. Apply lightly, brushing upward until your brows are redefined.

To finish your look and brighten your entire face, apply lip color. To keep lipstick from bleeding into lines around your mouth, first apply a lip pencil in a nude shade. For lipstick, bright colors can be uplifting, but try to stay away from harsh shades like fuschia or red browns. A good bet is a creamy lipstick in pale rose, coral, bright pink or medium pink. You may also want to experiment with the new sheer formulas, which deposit a small amount of color and give shine and moisture.


  • If your brows are unruly, you can tame them by applying a bit of lip balm or petroleum jelly after you color them in. If you have deep lines around your mouth, apply a little extra moisturizer or eye cream before you apply lip color.