How to Apply Makeup for Indian Dark Skin

By Chelsea Hoffman

Applying makeup to dark Indian skin requires special attention to the richness of color you are using. Many brands of cosmetics offer makeup for deep-complected women, and knowing how to put it on can help bring out your natural beauty.

Step 1

Smear the concealer lightly over the areas of your skin that are uneven in complexion, such as under your eyes and over any blemishes.

Step 2

Dip the Kabuki brush into the powdered mineral foundation and shake the excess dust off of it.

Step 3

Apply the powdered foundation with the brush by making circular buffing motions, starting where the concealer was smeared. Dip the brush a second or third time to evenly cover your face with the foundation.

Step 4

Smooth your hands over your face to blend in the makeup and concealer, and then wash your hands afterward.

Step 5

Sweep the liquid eyeliner directly under your lower lash line, starting from the inner lid and sweeping outward. Bat your eyelashes to help the eyeliner dry.

Step 6

Sweep the liquid eyeliner directly over your upper lash line, making the line slightly thicker than the lower lash's line for a dramatic effect.

Step 7

Dab your ring finger into the purple eyeshadow and gently smear it over the top line of eyeliner to create a lightly colored smoky look.

Step 8

Spread a fine layer of powder to set the foundation into your skin, rubbing it in with your hands after dabbing it on with a powder puff.

Step 9

Apply the mascara and then reapply it two more times once it dries to accentuate your eyelashes.

Step 10

Smudge the royal blue eyeliner across the innermost part of your eyelids to create a contrast against the black eyeliner.

Step 11

Apply clear lip gloss to finish the look.