How to Apply Makeup for a Gypsy

By Roz Zurko

Gypsy's are colorful, not only in their mode of dress, but in their makeup style too. The mystical gypsy accents her eyes to denote a sense of mystery and she carries that look throughout the rest of her face. Jewels displayed against the forehead that match the colors of the eye shadow and her outfit, finishes off the face of a gypsy.


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Step 1

Start your gypsy makeup by applying a foundation. Use a foundation that is darker than the skin, this will give you a suntanned look. Cover your entire face with the foundation, taking special care to work it down your neck to your collar line. This will make your coloring look more natural.


Step 2

Next use a black eye liner pencil on your lower eye lid. Start just under your lash line, working from the inside corner and continue the line just a tad past the outside corner. Use the liner along the upper eye lid, following your lash line and once again start from the inside corner. Continue to the outside corner, letting the liner line go past your eye just enough so both upper and lower eye lines meet. They should meet in a slight upward curve, giving it a cat's eye look.


Step 3

Pick one white and two vivid colors of eye shadow that will match your outfit or head scarf. Use the darker of the two colors to cover your eyelids. Bring the color just a little beyond the outside corner of your eye in a curve downward. The next color eye shadow will start where the first eye shadow left off. Use this color heaviest near the lid and fading towards the brow. Once again bring it past the eye corner pointing down. The final layer will be the white, which you will line under your eyebrow.


Step 4

Load up on black mascara, giving it a few minutes to dry before the next application. Use at least three layers. Fill in your eyebrows with dark brown eyebrow liner. Gypsy eyebrows are very predominating, so fill them in good. Use bright red lipstick to bring out your lips, putting a layer of gloss over them so they appear shinny. Use blush on your face, starting at the bottom of your check bone and sweeping it back and up towards your ear. Blend this is well, it is just to give you a rose tone to your checks.


Step 5

Paste some small costume jewel stones on your forehead, you can find these in a craft shop. You can use the liquid bandage that you put over scrapes or cuts or a tiny dab of tooth paste to hold them in place. Get the smallest stones you can find and make a design of a "V" with the tip of the "V" in the middle of your forehead pointing to the space between your eyes. The color of the stones should pick up on the colors of your outfit or scarf.