How to Apply M-A-C Eyeshadow Makeup

By LeafTV Editor

If you are looking for bright and intense-colored eye shadow, it's likely that you'll eventually find yourself at a MAC store or your local department store's MAC counter. MAC cosmetics carries a wide variety of eyes shadows, eyeliners, brushes and eye makeup prep products. Without the proper knowledge, makeup can look harsh and even unflattering to the individual who is wearing it. The key to impeccable MAC eye makeup is to know how to apply it correctly.

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How To Apply M A C Eyeshadow Makeup


Cleanse and moisturize. Prior to beginning any makeup application, it is important to start with a cleansed and moisturized face. Cleanse your face and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer for approximately 10 minutes.

Apply eye cream. Many individuals have dry eyelids or struggle to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles. If any of these conditions apply to you, it is crucial to apply eye cream on a daily basis. Once you have applied your eye cream, allow it to absorb for approximately 10 minutes.

Apply the Paint Pot. Using your finger tip or a MAC makeup brush apply the Paint Pot of your choice. Depending on what eye shadow look you are creating the Paint Pot you choose may vary. For example, Bare Study is good for a natural look, while Blackground is great for an instant smoky eye.

Highlight the brow bone. Once you have applied your Paint Pot, it's time to highlight your brow bone. Use a light shade. It can be either shimmery or matte depending on what other eyes shadows you will be using. If you are creating shimmery eye shadow look, use a matte color on your brow bone, and if you are creating a matte look, use a shimmery shade on your brow bone.

Apply wash over lid. Once your brow bone is highlighted, it's time to apply the wash over your lid. This is the shadow that will serve as your base color. Using a makeup brush or eye shadow applicator, apply the shadow evenly over your lid.

Contour the eye. Using a darker colored eye shadow you can contour your eye to create depth and emphasize the shape of your eye. Apply the darker shade in the crease of your eyelid and make sure to blend away any harsh lines.

Line the eye. Once your eye shadow application is complete, it's time to line your eye. If you prefer a gel eyeliner, MAC fluid lines are the way to go and if you prefer a pencil eyeliner, MAC Kohl eyeliners are what you will need. Line your eye carefully and make sure to correct any mistakes.

Curl eyelashes and apply mascara. It's time for the last step. Curl your eyelashes and apply a coat of MAC Zoomlash. If you desire extra thickness, allow the first coat to dry and follow it with a second coat of mascara. Congratulations, your eyes are done!


  • Invest in a blending brush. This will help you to blend away any harsh lines that come out when you are contouring your eyes.