How to Apply Hairspray to Tame Eyebrows

By Kat Consador

Unruly eyebrows can be one of the most stubborn areas on your face. Groomed eyebrows are important to your beauty regimen because they can instantly transform the look of your face. The right eyebrow shape for you can give an instant face lift or enhance the frame of your face. Sometimes, eyebrow gels on the market aren't powerful enough to help maintain their shape all day. How can you get your eyebrows to stay put? The secret may be a lot simpler than you think. Find a powerful extra-hold hairspray and apply it onto your misbehaving eyebrows. Learn how to shape and smooth your eyebrows into sculpted perfection.

Apply Hairspray to Tame Eyebrows

Step 1

Get a powerful extra-hold hairspray at your local store. Search for a travel size hairspray that fits in your makeup purse.

Step 2

Find an eyelash applicator brush, the type that is used on makeup counters to sample mascara.

Step 3

Spray the bottle directly onto the eyelash applicator brush.

Step 4

Brush the hairspray onto your eyebrows. Angle the brush upwards from above the inner eye to the arch. Angle the brush downwards from the arch to the end of your outer eyebrow.

Step 5

Repeat if necessary. If your eyebrows need more hold, repeat the process or find an even stronger hairspray brand.