How to Apply Fake Eyebrows

By LeafTV Editor

If you have naturally thin eyebrows or your eyebrows have become thinner over the years due to medical issues or hair loss, fake eyebrows can restore your confidence and enhance your natural appearance. There are 2 ways to create eyebrows - by drawing them in using an eyebrow pencil or by purchasing eyebrows made from real hair that are held in place with adhesive glue or sticky peel-away backing. Either method can help you achieve a natural look when applied properly.

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How To Apply Fake Eyebrows


If you want to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows to make them darker, choose a shade that's 1 or 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color. This will ensure that your eyebrows appear natural.

In order to create a natural look, the eyebrow pencil should be as sharp as possible so you can draw tiny lines that look like strands of hair. When filling in your brows, use short strokes and don't apply too much pressure. Make sure you follow the natural line of your brow to maintain a natural appearance. Use a brow grooming gel to keep real hairs in place and to prevent smudging.

You may need to reapply or touch up your eyebrows during the day as you would other makeup you've applied.

If you want to use fake eyebrows made from real hair instead of an eyebrow pencil, make sure the adhesive backing isn't noticeable once you put the eyebrows in place. If using adhesive glue, make sure you follow the directions carefully. If you develop a skin rash, discontinue use and try creating eyebrows using a pencil instead.

Quality fake eyebrows should move like real eyebrows. After applying eyebrows, make several facial expressions to see if your eyebrows move natually. If they don't, you may want to try another brand. You can trim fake eyebrows to suit your face, but don't try to pluck them as you would a natural eyebrow. With proper care and use, fake eyebrows can last for several weeks before needing to be replaced.


  • If your hands shake too much, fake eyebrows made from real hair may be a better option when you want to create a natural look.

  • Always follow the directions carefully when applying fake eyebrows to avoid injury to skin and eyes.

  • A quality cosmetic pencil sharpener is a good investment when you want to create a sharp point each time you fill in your eyebrows.