How to Apply Almay Eye Makeup

By LeafTV Editor

Almay has been dedicated to providing dermatologist-tested and -approved products since 1931. They were the first makeup company to remove fragrances from their makeup, to let the consumer know what the cosmetics were composed of and to provide a complete line of hypoallergenic makeup. Their cosmetics are designed to be used in a set, and the same holds true for their eye makeup. Understanding the principles behind Almay beauty will ensure that you apply their makeup correctly.

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How To Apply Almay Eye Makeup


Choose Your Collection

Choose between the two Almay eye makeup collections. Both sets use the trademarked Intense i-Color™ to ensure that your eyes will have a dramatic look. The Bring Out Collection is designed to bring out your eyes' natural color, while the Play It Up Collection is more dramatic. The Bring Out Collection is perfect for daytime wear and the Play It Up Collection is great for evenings and parties.

Select the eye-shadow trio that is designed for your eye color. Choices include hazel, brown, blue and green. The shades have all been professionally selected to ensure that you get the best results. There is no need for guesswork; simply select the trio of colors recommended for your eye color.

Choose either pencil or liquid eyeliner. With the Bring Out Collection, pencil eyeliner is used. The Play It Up Collection uses liquid eyeliner. The color of the eyeliner is determined by the color of your eyes, and the color choices are the same in both collections. For hazel eyes, the eyeliner color is Black Pearl. The eyeliner color selection for brown eyes is Purple Amethyst. Blue eyes wear Brown Topaz eyeliner, and green eyes wear Raisin Quartz.

Select your mascara from either collection. The mascara from the Bring Out Collection extends lashes up to 50 percent longer, while the mascara from the Play It Up Collection increases lash length up to 100 percent. Choose your mascara color according to your eye color. The mascara color choices are the same in both collections. Hazel eyes wear Black Pearl mascara, while brown eyes wear Brown Topaz. The mascara color for blue eyes is Blue Sapphire, and Emerald Green is the color choice for green eyes.

Apply the lowest color in your eyeshadow trio to the lid of your eye. Using the eyeshadow wand, sweep the color across your eyelid from the inner to the outer corner. The middle color in the trio set is used to bring out definition, and is applied to the crease of your eye. This color is darker than the other two, and is used for contrast. Use a different side of the applicator and sweep this middle color directly on the crease. The lightest color in the trio set is the highlighting color, which is applied to the browbone. It is located at the top of the trio set. Make sure to blend each color so there are no defining lines.

Apply pencil eyeliner if you're using the Bring Out Collection. Simply take the eyeliner pencil and draw a line from the inner corner of your lash line to its end. You can blend the eyeliner for a soft, smoky look. You can apply pencil eyeliner to both the top and bottom eyelids.

Apply liquid eyeliner if you are using the Play It Up Collection. To apply, take the liquid eyeliner and begin by starting at the center of your eyelid, directly above the pupil and at the lash line. Draw the liquid eyeliner from the center to the end of the lash line. Then place the liquid eyeliner to the inside corner of your eye and draw a line to the center. This two-step process will ensure that the liquid eyeliner is applied evenly.

Apply mascara to your eyelashes, from base to tip. Begin with the top lashes; in one movement, bring the wand from underneath to the tips of your lashes. Start at the inner corner of the eye, then apply mascara to the center and finally the lashes in the outer corner. Once you have finished applying mascara to the top lashes, repeat the steps for the bottom lashes, beginning from the inner corner and working down to the tips of your lashes.


  • Place your elbow on a hard surface to steady your hand when applying eyeliner.

  • If you have difficulty applying mascara to your lower lashes, turn the mascara wand to a vertical position and apply using an up-and-down movement with your hand.

  • Use Almay eye makeup remover when you are finished wearing the makeup.