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Being pregnant is a joyous occasion—unfortunately there are stresses involved as well. Looking and feeling good while pregnant, although not high up on every woman’s agenda, is still important for self-esteem. That is why there is a range of maternity clothing available, although some is very expensive. After the nine months is over and you get your figure back, the clothes you have spent a great deal of money on no longer fit. Luckily, altering your maternity jeans is simple and can be done quickly.

Measure your waist line. Don’t forget to take into account any extra baby weight you may be carrying.

Look closely at the expansion band and how it was sewn into the clothing. Most jeans have had cuts made either on the sides or front and back and elastic has been added, allowing the jeans to expand.

Using a needle, carefully unpick the sewing thread. It may be necessary to use the scissors to cut the thread or the actual elastic. Tidy up any rough edges.

Pull the jeans back into the desired size. Then mark where you are going to place the patch to cover the cut.

Pin your patch to the jeans and sew it on. This should return your jeans back to your normal size.


Try decorative patches if you do not want people to notice that you have altered your maternity clothing.