Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of David Bleasdale

In recent years there has been some blurring of the lines between women’s and misses sized clothing. Although some of the specific sizes are near each other, they are different in a number of ways.

Misses Sizes

Misses sizes have traditionally been even sizes going from size 6 through size 18. Size 20 has recently been added as a misses size. Sizes 14 through 20 overlap women's sizes in number labels.

Women’s sizes

Women’s sizes are labeled as even sizes followed by a “W,” starting with 14W and going up through size 26W or higher. Sometimes women’s sizes are labeled X, 2X, 3X, and 4X. Women’s clothing is also called plus-sized clothing.

Arm Hole

Women’s clothing has a deeper arm hole than misses sized clothing, allowing room for larger arms.

Bust Line

The bust line in women’s clothing is both lower and larger.


Women’s sizes have larger waists as compared to the hip sizes that misses have.


Some women’s clothing is available in the same styles as misses clothing. However, misses styles tend to be more tailored than women’s sizes in general. Women’s sizes tend to be looser.