If you’re a true pumpkin lover, don’t restrain yourself to just using it in bread and muffins. Adding pumpkin to your pancake batter makes a flavorful treat year round. The key to making pumpkin pancakes is adjusting the ingredients so your fluffy cakes don’t become mushy and bland. The density of the pumpkin puree creates a heavier pancake similar to a flattened spice bread.

Things You'll Need

Combine spices and pumpkin puree in a small bowl. Mix thoroughly until the spices blend into the pumpkin puree.

Mix spiced pumpkin puree into the pancake batter using a whisk. Visible globs of puree are acceptable in the batter. Whisking allows you to mix without beating all the air from the batter, which can make your pancakes flat instead of fluffy.

Pour 3 tbsp. of pancake batter onto heated griddle immediately after mixing. Letting the mixture sit causes the air to evaporate from the batter and your pancakes won’t rise.


  • Add raisins to the maple syrup for an extra touch of sweetness.