How to Cook Pancakes With Pancake Mix

By Grant D. McKenzie

There are many different pancake mixes on the market. Brand names such as Krusteaz, Hungry Jack and Aunt Jemima are a few of the better known varieties. Each brand typically has a series of variations such as buttermilk, whole wheat, blueberry or chocolate chip available as well. Many of these require additional ingredients such as eggs, milk or oil, but some mixes only require water.


Measure your pancake mix into your bowl. The amount you use will depend on the number of pancakes you wish to make and the brand of mix you choose. Krusteaz, for example, requires one cup of mix for every seven pancakes.

Add the wet ingredients to the mix. Many varieties available only require water, which is measured in proportion to the amount of mix being used. Some mixes require eggs, oil and milk, which are also measured in proportion to the amount of mix. Each manufacturer might have their own proportions, so follow the instructions.

Blend the ingredients until they as just combined using a wire whisk. The batter may appear lumpy. If you over mix the batter, your pancakes will come out tough and chewy.

Heat a lightly greased griddle or flat cooking surface to medium-high. Many mixes recommend heating to 375 degrees. Use a ladle to dip batter onto the cooking surface. You can make the pancakes as small or as large as you like, but 1/4 cup of batter will generally make a "standard" size pancake.

Cook until the bottom is golden brown and then flip. Cook that side until it is golden brown and remove from the griddle. Serve with syrup and room temperature butter, if desired.