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Boots are a hot ticket item to have in your shoe collection because of their versatility, durability and practicality. There are many different styles and versions of boots; sometimes you may need to add a zipper to the boot to make it a bit larger, or to add that extra accent to your unique fashion statement. Adding a zipper is not all that hard, but it may take a little bit of time and patience.

Make a cut with the scissors where you want the zipper to be.

Insert the zipper sides into the two pieces of fabric. If there is only one layer, put the zipper inside the shoe, both sides lined up with the edge of the fabric.

Secure the zipper with pins.

Use the sewing machine with the zipper foot to stitch one side of the zipper into place. Choose a thread that matches the outside of your boots to sew on the zipper.

Sew around both ends of the zipper to really secure it to the boot.

Snip and tie off the thread.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Remove the pins.


When learning how to sew on a zipper, the smaller sided zippers are easier because there is not a lot of bulk and extra material to size. Also, choose a zipper that is the exact size you need or slightly larger. You can purchase zipper feet from sewing machine dealers and they make sewing on zippers much easier.