How to Act Emo

By LeafTV Contributor

How to Act Emo. Since the emo scene grew out of a type of music, how you act doesn't necessarily come into play. However, emo hints at an overload of emotion, usually angst. If you want to learn how to act stereotypically emo, you just have to follow a few basics.

Act Emo

Pinpoint the Emo Attitude

Step 1

Notice how most of the emo pack seems depressed. Some probably are, but others just want to appear that way. It's all about showing emotion honestly and openly.

Step 2

Get disconnected. Part of the emo outlook is to act like you just don't care about the world and what's going on in it. You just need to keep an apathetic act going for the outside world, so you don't get involved in ridiculous debates.

Step 3

Remain sensitive, especially towards the earth and animals. After all, it is humans that are the real problem while the world is a beautiful place. When something touches you, let it show on your face, even if it means tears.

Step 4

Be yourself. Part of the appeal of emo is the total disregard of what others think of you. Don't take it too far and become just like all the other emo kids.

Look Cool and Emo

Step 5

Find your creative voice to express your emotions. Use art, poetry, fiction or music as a means to show your feelings.

Step 6

Hang out in venues that help you express your creativity and show your intellect. Coffee houses, music stores and art shows are all good choices.

Step 7

Build strong relationships. The bonds you build with friends or significant others will only fuel your creativity. Plus, it feels great to find someone who understands you.

Step 8

Listen to the music that speaks to you. You don't need to limit yourself to music labeled as emo in order to act emo. However, you'll find an emo vibe within both the straight edge and punk scenes.