How Does a Waist Cincher Work?

By LeafTV Editor

It's tempting to shimmy your curves into a waist cincher to achieve that much-sought-after hourglass figure. However, training your waist to be slimmer with this compression garment has its pros and cons -- and the things may not work at all. Don't ditch that gym membership before exploring the advantages and disadvantages of waist cinchers.

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How Does A Waist Cincher Work

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A waist cincher blends the waist-shaping qualities of a corset with the tightening and restricting qualities of compression undergarments, like Spanx. It wraps around your waist, running from under the breasts down to the top of your hips. Waist cinchers clasp at the front, allowing you to compress your midsection by tightening the garment. They are often made of latex, which holds in your midsection to create a tight, smooth and well-defined waist. Designed to be worn throughout the day to "teach" your waist to be slimmer, the positive effects of this training are up for debate.

Before you tighten that waist trainer to watch the inches melt off, you need to understand how this device works. While you might discover some benefits from wearing a waist cincher, those benefits are temporary.