By Robin Hewitt

In this era of modern conveniences, many people are finding themselves at a loss when faced with a kitchen hand appliance that was an everyday feature a few decades ago. Learn how to use a manual can opener, and you'll be prepared during your next camping trip or power outage.

Manual Can Opener

Step 1

Grasp both handles of the can opener loosely in your right hand.

Step 2

Holding the can upright on a counter top or other solid surface, position the manual can opener so that the cutting wheel is over the lip of the edge and on the top surface of the can and the small wheel of the opener is beneath the lip on the outside of the can.

Step 3

Squeeze the handles of the manual can opener until you see the cutting wheel puncture the can and hear the escape of the vacuum.

Step 4

Turn the hand key on the can opener clockwise while squeezing the handles together firmly.the can opener will work like a gear on the top of the can, cutting a circle into the lid. When the cutter reaches the beginning spot it will cut the final piece with a snapping noise.

Step 5

Open the handles of the manual can opener and remove it from the can. Carefully remove the separated lid from the opened can.