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Scarring is a natural part of the healing process, but the result can be an unsightly nuisance that many people would like to cover or completely eliminate. These scars can be left over from an injury or from skin problems such as acne and can vary in severity based on the depth of the initial wound and your skin type. There are several medical options for removing scars which can include surgery and steroid injections. If you are not willing to go under the knife to hide your scars, there are many natural products on the market, such as cocoa butter, which have benefits that will help to minimize the appearance of your unwanted scars.


According to Medicine Net , there are four main types of scars from which people tend to suffer. Keloid scars are scars that result from an overly aggressive healing process and the scar can extend beyond the lines of the initial wound. Contracture scars result in skin that has been burned, so this type of scar can go deeper into the musculature. Hypertrophic scars are red and raised scars that do not extend beyond the boundaries of the initial injury. Acne scars are one of the most common types, and these can vary in size and shape from deep pits to larger scars.


Cocoa butter is a highly regarded natural ingredient that is used in many lotions and creams to fight stretch marks and promote intense hydration and healing. Cocoa butter contains fat extracts from cocoa beans which gives it potent moisturizing properties that are often used in topical applications to fade marks, skin discolorations and scarring. According to Vitamin Stuff, cocoa butter melts at body temperature, so it absorbs quickly into the skin and creates a protective barrier.


The moisturizing benefits of cocoa butter will help you achieve overall skin health, which encourages healing. Cocoa butter can also help to even your skin tone, which will help reduce the visibility of your scars. Scars tend to stand out against your skin because they are a darker blue to purple color or a white color, so the evening of your skin tone will help minimize the appearance of the scar. Cocoa butter massaged into skin on a regular basis can help to break down scar tissue, especially when the scar is new. The act of massaging is crucial, but the intense moisture of the cocoa butter intensifies the results.

Time Frame

Your scars will not be completely removed using natural treatments such as cocoa butter, but daily application over time will help you garner results. The effectiveness and length of time that it will take to see results varies on your skin type, the classification of scar, and the depth and size of the initial wound. Consult your dermatologist if you are not seeing your desired results and you want to take more aggressive steps.


There are other natural alternatives for you to explore before committing to an invasive medical procedure such as surgical removal or steroid injections. According to Nutra Legacy, these can include the topical application of natural ingredients such as aloe vera (in juice or gel form), cucumber, vitamins E and C, honey, green tea and tea tree oil.