Woman using straight-iron on her hair
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Flat irons are excellent for straightening curly hair or adding a smooth texture to straight styles, but using one often can eventually cause the ceramic plate to fall off. The only material that can be used to attach the plate back onto the iron is glue, but it must withstand heat and adhere to the ceramic surface of the plate.


Remove any excess glue from the back of the plate or the area where the plate was attached to the iron. You can use a paint scraper or other thin, flat object to scrape off old adhesive. Ensure that the flat object is flush with the plate or flat iron before scraping so you can avoid scratching it. Wipe the areas clean with a damp rag and allow the areas to dry before adding new glue.

Gluing the Plate

Find glue that can withstand high heat temperatures and adheres to ceramic materials. A product such as Resbond 907GF 2300°F Adhesive and Sealant has both qualities. Most adhesives come in a tube or easy applicator with a tip so you can apply it cleanly. Put a thin strip of glue around all of the edges just a few millimeters from the outer edge. Fill in the center with a few zigzag lines from one glue edge to another. Because the plate sits close to the iron, some of the glue may shift when you press the plate against it, so leaving a little space between the zigzags and around the exterior of the plate will give the extra glue a place to settle.

Hold the plate with the back full of glue facing up to prevent the adhesive from moving. Some adhesives are a paste-like substance and will not shift, but others may have a more fluid-like texture. Put the iron onto the plate while holding the plate in the same position. If the glue exceeds the edge, use an old rag or cotton swab to wipe the excess away. Ensure that you clean away as much as you can so the sides of the ceramic plate are clean. Consider wearing disposable rubber gloves when handling the glue so you do not have to worry about getting any on your skin.

Read the label for the glue’s drying time. You can set the iron down so the face of the ceramic plate you glued is facing up. You can also put rubber bands around the plate and the iron to hold it in place and add pressure to the ceramic plate to keep it in place.