How Can I Naturally Thicken My Eyebrows?

By Derek Young

Want to have thicker, dense eyebrows without potentially damaging your brow with chemicals? You can address thin eyebrows by tackling the root of the issue and making sure to give your body extra protein and vitamins to build hair with. Or you can try one of the many natural cures that have worked for people for a number of years. Here are several home remedies that can help.


Step 1

Start using an eyebrow conditioner. These conditioners are designed to invigorate eyebrows and give them the nutrients they need to grow. If you want to take an all-natural approach, buy an herbal eyebrow conditioner.

Step 2

Lightly massage your eyebrows with either olive oil or castor oil daily. These can help stimulate your follicles to produce more hair.

Step 3

Mix aloe vera gel, soaked fenugreek seeds and onion juice together to form a paste. Apply this paste to your eyebrows on a daily basis. It won't smell very nice, so it may be best to do this at the end of the day. This gel can help stimulate more eyebrow growth and thickness.

Step 4

Increase your consumption of chicken, meat, fish and dairy products to add protein to your diet. Eat more dark green leafy vegetables. Drink at least eight cups of water per day. Help your body get the nutrients it needs and it's more likely to have extra protein it can spend on producing more eyebrows.

Step 5

Keep your face and especially your eyebrows clean. Dirt or bacteria in the eyebrow area can get in the way of new hair follicles growing. Regular facial rinsing can clear the way for faster eyebrow regrowth.