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According to, shattered layers create a circular style around the head that seems to hug the head and brings out the best facial features. The multiple lengths of the layers add a fringe effect to the hair and creates ample movement, softness and shine. This type of layering can be done with a razor or a pair of beveled-edge shears; it can be done to any length of hair and styled any way you want. The shattered layer look is very versatile.

Bob Cut

The most common hairstyle that incorporates shattered layers is an updated, contemporary bob cut. Any short style with lots of layers can be considered a bob cut. The hair falls no further than the chin and shattered layers create an allover layered look, where no two strands look the same length. You can choose to keep longer layers that reach to your chin and can be curled upward, downward or anyway you prefer, or you could keep the layers shorter and spikier.

Long & Sleek

Shattered layers also work with medium or long hair. You can wear this style with a part in the middle or to one side, and long layers all around the head. The long layers keep the hair looking shiny and sleek. Begin the layering in the front, right underneath the chin, so that the hair that falls onto the shoulders and chest. Use a razor or a beveled-edge pair of shears to cut these front layers so that they look obvious and dramatic.

Choppy Styling

The point of the shattered layer look is to display a fun, layered style that is not too short or boyish. Layering the hair and then texturizing the ends is key with shattered layers; the hair shouldn’t have too much volume except at the ends. Use a gel or wax product to separate the layers and to create a choppy style. Keep the hair wavy and natural, or use a straightener for a sleeker style. Create a zigzagged part on the side for a side-swept fringy look.