Hairstyles to Hide an Old Neck

By Jason Aberdeene

As you age, skin damage from the sun as well as damage from other externals, such as chemicals from smoke, free radicals and household chemical products, can result in a leathery and wrinkled neck. You can let your hair grow long to help hide the aging skin of your neck. Alternatively, if your hair has thinned, and you don't feel comfortable showing a lot of scalp, you can keep your hair short and maintained in certain styles that help make you look younger, even if your neck is exposed.

Hairstyles to hide an old neck range from layered styles to short bob cuts.

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Layered Haircut

After letting your hair grow out, layering your hair will help give it texture and volume, making it appear thicker and richer while covering up the back and side portions of your neck. In a layered haircut, the hair stylist cuts portions of your hair at different lengths so that they layer on top of each other. Traditionally, the shortest portions of the cut are on the outermost portions of your hair, becoming longer as the style moves inward.

Razored Ends

While wearing your hair long, you may be able to cover more portions of your neck by asking the stylist to razor the ends of your hair. If the razor is correctly applied to the ends, slight waves or curls will form, sweeping over both your shoulders and neck. The result is that the hair successfully covers both the front and back portions of your neck. In addition, razored ends help to give a natural lift to hair that may have fallen limp or flat.

Hair Scarves

Wearing a scarf around the top portion of your head is an "en vogue" look that will draw color and life to your face while taking the focus away from your aging neck. Additionally, letting your hair hang down on your shoulders while wearing the scarf will help further shape and cover your neck, making you look younger as well as more lively. In addition to hair scarves, headbands, hair clips and pins will help accentuate your hair and move the attention away from your aging neck

Short Cut

While directly covering your aging neck is one way to hide the region, diverting an viewer's gaze to different parts of your hair and face will also effectively mask an old neck. Cutting your hair so it stops right around your ears and just below the top of your neck will bring attention to your chin and face. In addition, this cut will help soften your shoulders as well as your neck.