Hairstyles to Disguise a Poor Hairline

By Megan Kelly

Many people become frustrated and discouraged when it comes to hairstyling because of a poor hairline. Find the right style to help disguise a bad hairline by drawing attention away from the hairline and placing emphasis upon an enhanced hairstyle.

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Cow lick.

If you have a cowlick that makes your hair stick up in front, your hairstyles may suffer and it may be difficult to tame the hairline. A cowlick occurs because of genes that cause hair follicles grow in a way that makes the hair lift upward. You can disguise a cowlick by using styling products, like strong-hold mousse, styling gel or hairspray, to hold the hair down and keep it in place. You can also make sure that you have the appropriate haircut. If you have bangs that you want to appear straight, have the bangs cut unevenly in order to compensate for the lifting of the hair. For longer hairstyles, keep layers long and heavier in the front to pull the cowlick down toward the ground.

Receding Hairline

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Receeding hairlines.

Men and women with receding hairlines may feel self-conscious about their hairlines and wish to disguise it. This can be achieved by adding short- or medium-length bangs. Bangs can be complemented by a layered hairstyle that draws attention from the hairline and toward the actual hair. For the adventurous, buzzing hair off is another alternative to hide a receding hairline, although this is not always the best option for some.

Balding or Thinness

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Many people suffer from balding or thinning of the hair. Both men and women can experience a negative impact on self confidence and self image when balding or thinning occurs. For these people, wigs provide overall coverage and disguise the signs of baldness and hair thinness. Professional wig manufacturers can create a personalized wig that complements your face shape and personal style, and many high-quality wigs look similar to real hair.


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Ask your hairstylist to help with hair issues.

Finding the right hairstyle to disguise a cowlick, a receding hairline or balding is not only about hiding the issue, but creating a unique and personalized look for yourself that you find enjoyable. Finding the right hairstyle depends on your face shape, hair type and color, personal style and maintenance routines. A professional hairstylist can help you design the perfect hairstyle for you based on your needs and desires.