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If you want to turn back the clock, find a chic hairstyle that will help reverse the aging process. In fact, the best hairstyle lengths for women who want to look younger rest anywhere between the chin and the collarbone, suggests the editors at Good Housekeeping. For women over 50 who wear glasses, the ideal hairstyle must equally complement both the shape of your eyeglass frames and your face.

Chin-Length Bob and Wide-Frame Glasses

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If your forehead is high and you have a long and narrow chin, you have an oval face shape. Although the oval face shape can wear most hairstyles and eyeglass shapes, wide-frame glasses suit you best. To complement your wide frames, wear a chin-length bob hairstyle featuring chunky textured bangs or tousled curls that rest a few inches above your collarbone. Although no style widens a narrow face like large and bouncy curls, wear loose waves to balance your eyeglass frames best.

Wavy Hairstyles and Small Frame Glasses

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For small frames, The Hairstyler.com recommends “short cropped wavy styles that highlight the face or long blunt cuts.” Long blunt styles or long wavy strands with bangs complement the woman over 50 whose hair is thinning at the forehead and prefers her hair long to short styles. To give balance to your small frames, wear a long, shoulder-grazing blunt hairstyle with side-swept bangs. A short and cropped wavy hairstyle will also add fullness to your thinning hair without overpowering your small frame glasses.

Layered Hairstyles and Curvy-Styled Frame Glasses

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For the woman with a square face shape, the width of your face is almost equal to the length. Curvy or narrow frames like ovals or the retro 1950s cat eye–shape takes the emphasis away from your strong jaw, while giving your face a more round appearance. The best hairstyles for a mature woman with a square face shape include slanted and side-swept bangs or soft-layered hairstyles that sweep the collarbone lightly. Women with short hair can also pull off a short bob that grazes the ears or face-framing layers with a deep side part.