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Odd hairlines take a variety of shapes. Some odd hairlines result from impending baldness, when hair begins to recede higher up the forehead, while others--such as the widow's peak, high hairline or uneven hairline--may occur as result of genetic makeup. When considering a new hairstyle, consult your barber or stylist. For best results, take into account what has worked in the past and what hairstyles complement the shape of your face.


Bangs essentially add a “fringe” to any hairstyle, providing an additional layer of hair that sweeps across the forehead. As odd hairlines are predominantly visible at the forehead, bangs effectively conceal this problem. Bangs may partially or fully cover the forehead and occur in blunt, fringed, side swept, wavy and straight styles. Adding bangs to a hairstyle is especially effective for women with what is known as a Tudor hairline--a hairline that rests high on the forehead named for Tudor Queen Elizabeth I of England, who famously sported this type of hairline--though some men with longer hair sport the side swept, wispy or fringe style of bang. According to fashion and beauty magazine Cosmopolitan, adding bangs frames the face and flatters the features.

Close Cropped

Often sported by men with receding or otherwise odd hairlines, closely cropped hair is a low-maintenance solution that historically stays in style. Athletes and soldiers often employ these efficient hairstyles, which range from close cropped to buzzed to completely bald. Close-cropped hairstyles--such as the Caesar cut--may be shorter on the back and sides than on the top, effectively concealing an odd hairline by creating a slightly “shaggy” or “messy” look around the hairline. Crew cuts, which leave just a little length near the forehead, serve the same purpose in a shorter fashion. Very closely cropped hair--which leaves just a shadow of stubble--blurs the line between hairline and forehead, while taking the bald route completely eliminates the hairline.


Hair that is all one length may appear thin or limp, drawing further attention to an odd hairline. Layered hairstyles combine differing lengths of hair to add texture, body and volume. This sort of hairstyle boosts the hairs at the roots, lifting hair a bit further from the head and helping to conceal hairlines along the way. This style may be coupled with bangs. For men or people with shorter hair, layering the hair creates a natural, “messy” look that is easy to maintain and takes attention away from odd hairlines by volumizing the hair.

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