Hairstyles for Indian Teenagers

By Lane Cummings

According to, when it comes to Asian or South Asian hair, it " different from Caucasian hair in that it is absorbs and retains moisture more quickly. Besides it's heavier and doesn't move as easily." A good hairstyle for an Indian teen should showcase its glossiness, yet compliment the shape of the face with a certain youthfulness.

Playful teenage girl holding inner tube on beach
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Long Hair

Most Indian female Bollywood celebrities have long, flowing locks that at least hits their shoulders. This style is suitable for Indian teenage girls because it's simple, feminine and not overly sophisticated or too grown up for their young faces. Add a few layers to give the length of hair some shape, or cut it shorter to about the shoulders and cut shorter layers around the face, accentuating your eyes and bones structure. Alternatively, you could add a few loose curls to this style to give it some volume. You can find this style on famous Indian celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra and Freida Pinto.


Long hair is common for Indian girls and women in Indian culture. However, there are times when it becomes necessary to get that hair up and away from the face. A high ponytail, with the hair sleekly brushed back, is an appropriate style for Indian teen girls because it's youthful and sophisticated at the same time. Pulling the hair back draws instant attention to the face and eyes, yet a smooth band of black frames the face in a striking manner. This style often is seen on Indian model Bipasha Basu.

Male Hair

Indian teenage boys need a hairstyle that's low maintenance but that will give their faces a degree of maturity by using strategic cuts in their dark hair to highlight their bone structure. Shaggy, chin-length surfer haircuts with messy bangs are popular with Indian teens as it's a no-fuss style and modeled after famous Bollywood actor John Abraham. Another popular and slightly more urban hairstyle is spiked hair for teenage boys. This style is both chic and youthful, though does require some styling. It is modeled after Bollywood actor Aamir Khan. On the other hand, for the super-low maintenance teenage boy, crew cuts also are popular and evocative of Indian actor Akshaye Khanna.