Hairstyles for Big & Round Faces

By LeafTV Editor

Round, wide faces work well with various lengths and styles -- from voluminously layered bobs to long, straight and sleek for women, and brushed-up tops and short sides for men.

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Hairstyles For Big Round Faces

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The trick to wearing a bob is to keep the weight at the ends of your hair. Why? Because the widest part of a round face is at the cheeks, so if you want to add body and texture with curls, only curl the ends of your hair -- either outward or under depending on your preference. For a straight bob, sans curls, swooped-over bangs add a nice touch to choppy layers. For an edgier look, opt for an asymmetrical bob.


If you want to go shorter than a bob, a piecey pixie helps define round faces. Keep the sides soft and tapered for a feminine yet edgy style.

Straight, long locks accentuate and complement round, wide faces, and the hairstyle is simple and low-maintenance. Long, barely-there layers are the key to this hairstyle -- light layers give this style some volume, while the long cut -- about mid-back -- lengthens rounder faces. Keep the sides and top sleek and straight to avoid adding weight to your face.


A center part creates definition for round, wide faces and works for all hairstyles other than those with side-swept bangs.

Adding loose, beachy waves to a mid-length cut -- past your shoulders -- gives hair texture and body. However, if your curls are too high they will plump out your cheekbones. So, the same rule that applies to the bob applies here: whether creating loose waves or elegant, fluffy curls, keep the top sleek and straight and the waves or curls toward the bottom to balance out rounder cheekbones.

Soft and sultry, side-swept bangs swoop across the face to give a thinning effect. To keep bangs in check, a deep side part pairs well, both functionally and stylistically. No matter whether your hair is long or short, the trick to side-swept bangs is to cut them long, with the longest layer to your upper lip, but style them short; they should sweep across the top of your cheekbone to add definition and angle to your round face.

Men with round, wide faces benefit from a brushed-up/short sides cut, as it gives the illusion of a longer face. With this style, all the length is at the top of the head, which is brushed and styled up, and the sides are kept very short. For something a little more clean-cut, style it slicked back or with a severe undercut, which gives your rounded face a more chiseled jawline. If you prefer hair in your face or swept across your forehead, go with an angular cut with a side-swept fringe that contrasts the widest part of your face -- your cheeks.