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Women often change their hairstyle based on age and lifestyle changes. For example, it seems more common for older women to wear their hair shorter than younger women usually do. The reasoning for that is often based on the fact that an aging face may be brought down by longer hair. The hairstyles that are recommended for an aging face are those that will frame the face and lift features upwards. Hairstyle’s that highlight cheekbones and take the emphasis away from jowls is flattering to aging faces. Of course, the best hairstyles for anyone, including those with an aging face, are those hairstyles that work with your own hair texture and lifestyle.


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A hairstyle with strategically placed layers can enhance the look of an aging face. Some of the characteristics of an aging face include a sagging jawline and overall drooping skin. A hairstyle that will draw the eye upwards is one that is shoulder length with side swept bangs and layers that begin at cheekbone level. This lifts the contours of your face and also looks youthful and flattering.

Soft Curls

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Curly hair often is indicative of youth. While stick-straight hair has been in fashion for quite some time, it can be harsh and aging to women with an aging face. If you have naturally curly hair, have it cut to a bit longer than shoulder length. Long layers throughout your curly mane will allow it to lay softly and provide volume to the top. If your hair is not naturally curly, have your hair cut to the same length. Use hot rollers or a curling iron to achieve the soft, curly style.

Graduated Bob

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Bob styles are classic and can also be made age appropriate. An example of a hairstyle that is flattering to an aging face, as well as stylish, is the graduated bob. This hairstyle can be a short bob or a longer bob. For an aging face, a longer bob, which would be about an inch below the chin in the front, tends to be the most flattering. A shorter bob, which is closer to chin length in the front, can draw attention to an aging neckline. On any length of bob haircut, a graduated bob is always shorter in the back and layered. The front is angled and kept longer.


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A hairstyle that is most flattering for straight, fine hair is one that includes bangs. They can either be longer, side swept bangs or they can just be straight, shorter bangs. For fine, straight hair, bangs look best when they are shorter and cover the forehead. Not only is this a youthful look, it also hides any forehead wrinkles that you may have. A hairstyle with bangs is extremely flattering for an aging face.