Gray Hairstyles for Older Men

By Gryphon Adams

Many high-profile men sport graying, gray, silver or white hair, including Anderson Cooper, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney, Mark Harman and Richard Gere. Contemporary American men enjoy a wider than ever range of hairstyles to enhance a mature man's appearance. Explore the options to find a hairstyle to make the most of gray hair's authority and sex appeal.

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Gray hair holds authority and sex appeal.
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Look to mature male models for different hairstyles.

Magazines of all kinds make good sources for checking out hairstyles. Advertisers include mature men in a wide range of ad campaigns. These models make their living with their looks and have to have effective hairstyles. Find examples of a new haircut to work with gray hair. Browse gray hairstyles on men with similar hair texture and face shape to find good options. For example, to find a hairstyle for a man with a full, rounded face and straight hair, check magazines and websites for men with similar characteristics to see what looks good. When you find a hairstyle you want to try, cut it out or print it to show a barber or hair stylist. Noticing what doesn't look good on mature men in public settings also helps to eliminate looks that won't work.

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Choose a style that favors the hair's texture and coverage on the scalp.

The hair's condition provides an important factor for deciding on a hairstyles for gray hair. Check the hair's texture and coverage on the scalp. Gray hair tends to come in more wiry, with a stiffer texture than the other hair. Thinning hair, receding hairlines or baldness at the crown affect hairstyle choices for mature men. A skilled stylist creates camouflage without the forced looks of earlier eras. Texture and layering make the most the hair.

Look at squared or angled cuts for a round face, such as a flat top, and avoid rounded styles.

The Caesar hairstyle or a tousled look offer some coverage for a receding hairline.

Consider a medium-length cut with texture to increase fullness to take attention off a bald spot if the hair is thick. Short simple cuts with no camouflage look best for fine or thinning hair with balding,

Men with squared faces or strong jaws look good in medium or long cuts and in short cuts with some curve to the hair, such as with a side part.

Short men or mature men with small, boyish faces wear gray hair cut short on the sides and long on top well.

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A sharp-looking cut for men with gray hair that has a lot of sex appeal.

Many stylish looks work well on gray hair. A man looks his best in a cut that conveys confidence. An up-to-date hairstyle provides a more youthful appearance than sticking to a haircut from an earlier era in a mature man's life. The Beauty and the Bath website admires Robert de Niro's cropped and layered haircut, an effective and attractive style for a mature man. The Hairfinder website features a number of men's gray hairstyles; the site highlights a sharp-looking cut for men with gray hair that has a lot of sex appeal.