Good Wine Choices for Lunches

By Zora Hughes

The lunch meal is typically smaller and lighter than the dinner meal, so consider that when deciding on a wine to go with your lunch. White wines are typically lighter than reds and work well with most lunch options. When pairing your lunch meal with wine, keep in mind the acidity of what you ordered and ask the sommelier about what would work well with your meal.

Choose a light-bodied white wine for lunch.

Albarino Wines

This wine, its grapes grown on trellises high above the ground in vineyards along the Atlantic coast, is very popular in its home country. It has a clear, subtle, bubbly and fruity taste and is most commonly paired with seafood and spicy dishes. Well known Albarino wineries are Pazo de Senorans Albarino Rias Baixas and Burgans Albarino Rias Baixas.

Verdejo wines

Verdejo wine is a white wine also from Spain. This wine has a green apple and citrus flavor that goes well with light seafood and chicken dishes and well as salads. Verdejo wines also pair well with goat cheese. The most well-known Verdejo wines are from the Shaya Verdejo Old Wines and Hermanano Lurton wineries.

Rose wines

Rose wines are know for being very versatile wines that can go with many different food options. Rose wine is made all over the world by removing the skin of red grapes early in the fermentation process so that the wine does not become strong reds. Roses are typically very sweet with hints of strawberry but can also be made dry. Lighter roses go well with lfare such as salads or sandwiches. Darker roses have bolder flavor and go well with red meat, so a hamburger would work well. Popular rose wines include Domaine De L'estel and Bonny Doon.