French Bob Hairstyles

By Kristen Berry

The iconic French bob haircut is always in style. Whether it's a longer layered bob, a medium shaggy bob or a short pageboy with side swept bangs, the French bob hairstyle is one that's versatile enough to go from a weekend of camping to a black-tie event. Because the bob can be customized to flatter individual features, it works on all face shapes and most hair types, with the exception of very coarse or tight curly hair.

A French bob often features bangs cut straight across the forehead.

A-Line French Bob

The A-line bob hairstyle is shorter at the nape of the neck.

This bob hairstyle is usually an A-line cut that narrows the face and accentuates a long neck. The cut is longer toward the front and tapers at the nape of the neck, but modern versions don't feature as sharp a taper as traditional A-line bob hairstyles. According to stylists at Beauty and the Bath, A-line bob hairstyles can be cut in a subtle, graduated angle or sharply, almost to a point.

Graduated French bob

The graduated French bob features short layered ends that add volume to the hair. Layers can also be longer and specifically cut to accentuate an individual's facial bone structure and jaw line. This cut is not recommended for curly or coarse hair, as the structure won't hold the shape of the style.

Asymmetrical Classic French Bob

This popular French hairstyle makes a statement with an uneven angle that sweeps the chin on one side and is cut shorter on the other side, falling past the ear for an asymmetrical effect. This asymmetrical bob is ideal for keeping some length and the ability to create a personal look. Angles can be bold or soft and often showcase bangs and frame the face.

French Bob With Side Swept Bangs

This chic French bob hairstyle works well on fine hair. One-length layers with razor chipped ends give the hair movement and volume. Side-swept bangs soften the features and add dimension to the cut. A medium-length bob with side swept bangs allows for ponytails with wisps that fall naturally to frame the face.

Medium-Length French Bob Hairstyle

Hair just above the shoulders can get volume and bounce with a layered bob that gives a soft sleek look or a wavy tousled appearance. Layers should be graduated and blend into the length without a choppy appearance. Flat irons define the layers of the long bob and a diffuser used with mousse gives lift at the roots for natural wave. The long bob hairstyle flatters all face shapes.