Formal Ladies' Pant Suit Styles

By Wanda Thibodeaux

A few decades ago, it would have been unheard of for a woman to wear anything but a skirt or dress to a formal occasion. Fortunately, times have changed in favor of women's fashion freedom, thus pant suits are quite popular. These suits come in a variety of styles, with each one having a little something different to offer the wearer.

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Wear tapered pant suits. These suits are the best choice for women who are considered top heavy (they have broad shoulders or a larger bust). They draw attention downward and away from the heavier top of the frame. This effect works best if the tapered leg of the pant is paired with a jacket that is long and narrow, because the attention is focused in a vertical, rather than horizontal way.

Cuffs and Hems

Wear suits without any cuffs. The fact that the pants do not have any cuffs prevents the viewer from focusing their look on the bottom half of the wearer. For this reason, a pant suit without cuffs is better for an individual who is considered bottom heavy (they have wide hips and thighs).

Form Fitting

Try fitted trousers. This suit type isn't for the faint of heart, because it accentuates rather than hides curves. Shorter jackets are paired with the fitted trousers to bring attention to a slender waist and to add overall height to the leg. Women who are more petite may find that this look helps them to appear taller.

Looser Suits

Glide into business or evening events with luscious, flowing suits. These suits are good for women who don't like to feel restricted in their clothing, since they are designed to let the body move well. The style tends to make use of brighter colors, and due to the nature of the suit, they are most comfortable to wear during the summer months.


Pull out a tuxedo pant suit. These suits usually include straight lined pants, which can have a sharp pleat or be left plain. The pants can be paired with virtually any length of jacket, so they are very versatile.


No matter what type of pant suit style you choose, remember that pant suits do not need to be dull, even if worn in professional settings. Add some pizazz to your choice by selecting suits in brighter, bold colors, or wear suits that have unique beading on the jacket or hems.