Facts for Kids on Fashion Jobs Across the World

By Cee Donohue

Children start to formulate ideas for a future career when they are young. Often they change their minds as they get older and learn more, but some know early on. If being a fashion designer is something a child wants to do or is discussed as a future career option, then having some facts about the profession might help make up her mind.

Some designers specialize in shoes.

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Types of Clothes

Fashion designers create billions of fashion items and shoes every year. Some design just women's clothes, others design men's clothes, some design kids' clothes and others design in all three areas. Deciding what kind of clothes, shoes and accessories you want to design is a good place to start. Everything from casual wear and formal wear to maternity clothes and baby clothes are specialized areas of design. Footwear and accessory designers specialize in shoes, scarves, hats and belts.


The design process from start to finish can take up to two years. Designers start by researching current fashion trends before attempting to design a future trend. Some of the research includes finding out what colors, fabrics and styles will be popular for an upcoming season because designers create fashions for all four seasons. Once they've chosen the initial design and fabrics, they test it on a model with cheaper materials to see what adjustments need to be made. It can be a long process.


Most fashion designers obtain an associate or bachelor's degree and often combine that with other courses like business, marketing or fashion merchandising. The more education you have, the more you will know about the industry and what it takes to be successful. Many designers are now using computer-aided design, which helps designers to view their creations on virtual models and adjust the colors, shapes and styles. This saves times in making adjustments to the actual design.


A majority of fashion designers work in New York or California. Each year four cities put on a week-long fashion show that features the latest designs and trends. New York, Paris, Milan and London are considered to be the fashion capitals of the world. Many designers will travel to these shows and other trade shows throughout the year to keep up on the latest trends and designs.