Eyebrow Regrowth Treatment

By Jim Radenhausen

Your head is not the only place you may want to restore hair growth. Along with your head hair, your eyebrow hair gives you character, and maybe you have have experienced hair loss or thinning, whether from chemotherapy treatment, heredity or constant plucking and tweezing. Or, perhaps your amount of eyebrow hair is minimal and you want to grow more. If you want to add eyebrow hair, you can accomplish this by trying one of the following treatments.

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Nutrition and Brushing

Having an abundance of eyebrow hair-and regrowing if necessary-is just as important to some as head hair.

Eyebrow hair grows at a slower rate than the hair on your scalp, so you want to make sure to provide nourishment to your eyebrow hair. You can help stimulate follicle growth by consuming folic acid tablets, as well as items that contain sulphur and vitamins A, B3, C and E.

One way you can stimulate hair growth us by taking an eyebrow hairbrush and sweeping it up and out toward the side of your face (the direction it grows). If you do this two times daily for two minutes each time, you not only will stimulate the area, but also speed up hair growth.


An important stimulant of eyebrow regrowth comes in the form of Rogaine Extra Strength, a men's hair growth product that you can buy at drug stores or department stores. For eyebrow hair growth purposes, both men and women can utilize the product, as Rogaine helps dormant hair follicles again become active. In turn, if you use Rogaine, your eyebrow hair will grow at a faster rate, and you should see some growth after a few weeks.

Dip a cotton swab in Rogaine and apply to your eyebrow area. You then want to brush over the area with your eyebrow brush, but keep the brush away from your eyes. Apply Rogaine two times daily, until you start to see your eyebrows fill in.

When you see regrowth that satisfies you, reduce Rogaine application to just two times a week for one month. Around this time, look at your eyebrows and decide whether you want more growth. If so, continue using Rogaine one or two times a week, until you are satisfied.

While your eye brow hair is in the midst of growing, use an eyebrow pencil (that matches your natural eyebrow color) or powder to fill in your brow. It's possible that once your eyebrow hair has grown, some areas will have lighter hairs than other parts. In this case, you can use a pencil as a temporary fill in. Rather than one heavy line, you probably want to draw multiple thin lines, and then use eyebrow sealer, which protects any painted-on eyebrow from rubbing off.

Once your eyebrow hair has grown, do not tweeze your eyebrows yourself. If you want to maintain a neat, tidy appearance, have a professional shape them.

Other Methods

Aside from Rogaine, you have some other options for eyebrow regrowth. You can use an eyebrow pencil to draw your whole eyebrow, using a sealant to keep it from running when you are out in public.

In the same manner you would use a wig on your head, you also can buy natural hair eyebrows and glue them into your hair-challenged eyebrow space. If you want a more permanent solution, look into getting an eyebrow tattoo or having an eyebrow hair transplant. For the latter, a doctor transfers hundreds of hairs to your scalp and grafts them onto the bald patches of your eyebrows.