For middle-aged women makeup conceals the problems of aging, the sagging and creasing around the eyes, rather than accentuating features as it did in younger days. It is important to use the correct amount of eye makeup and not overapply it. You also need to change your makeup techniques to go with today's styles--you date yourself if you use makeup applications that were popular in decades gone by.


The middle-age woman generally needs more help in concealing the creases than does a woman in her 20s, so the thicker solids and creams work best for this age group. Concealer is sold in a cream, liquid, solid and powder. It fills in lines from aging and can reverse the look of sagging around the eyes. Find a concealer as close to your skin color as possible. If you need to make a decision between two colors, go for the lighter of the two.

Concealer is the first layer in any makeup application. Apply under your eye in a light coat to conceal any creases or bags. Start from the inside, near the bridge of your nose, and work outward.

The eyelid comes next. Apply the concealer with the lid closed and fill in every crease starting at the inner lid and moving outward. The concealer will take off years when it is applied correctly. There is a fine line between too much and just enough--it should look as if you have no concealer on at all.


The eyeliner pencil can draw attention to a middle-aged woman's wrinkles if not done correctly. Pick out a shade of brown or black depending on your coloring. Using too dark a pencil can look tacky. Pick a brown if you are blonde with light skin. Black should be reserved for darker hair and skin. Putting pitch black thick eyeliner on will date you to the styles of the '80s.

The key is to pick out a muted eyeliner color that will shadow the lines of your eye. The biggest mistake woman make when applying this makeup is not running the eyeliner up against the edge of the lashes. This leaves a space between the lashes and the pencil liner, and it looks as if it was done by an amateur. Blend in so it doesn't look like a line, but an extension of your lashes. Starting in the inner corner of the eyelid, run the liner along the lashes, on bottom and top. If the line is too defined, then take a cotton swab and smudge it just a little so it is blended more into a shadow. The top line should end where the lashes end. The day of "cat eyes" with the liner coming to a point is not the look you are going for.

The bottom line should extend a fraction longer than the lashes and end pointing upward. This will help minimize the look of sagging under the eyes.

Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow is the final stage of making up your eyes. Find a muted shade to complement your eye color. Use a powdered eye shadow, an earth tone, and lightly apply it on your lid. It should cover just the eyelid. If you carry this any further up it will cake and accentuate the creases of your eye, defeating the purpose of applying eye makeup.