Eye Gel Benefits

By Sonya Kanti

Eye gels target a variety of problems. Some gels that contain retinol target wrinkles around the eye . Other eye gels that contain vitamins C and K target dark circles and puffiness. There are benefits to using eye gel daily, and the results will begin to show within six to eight weeks.

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Eye gels that target wrinkles around the eyes contain high concentration of vitamin A or retinol. These gels help remove the surface layer of the skin and reveal a smoother surface.


Some eye gels help reduce puffiness around the eyes or under-the-eye "bags." These gels contain vitamins C, K, and E, which help tighten the skin around the eye.

Dark Circles

Eye gels that are used for puffiness also can help with dark circles if they contain licorice or kojic acid. These ingredients help lighten the darkness underneath the eyes.


Eye gels are part of an anti-aging regimen for many women. During aging, the skin underneath the eye begins to thin due to ultraviolet ray damage from the sun, lack of sleep and tiredness. Eye gels can gradually slow down the process of aging around the eyes.


A common mistake when applying eye gels is overusing the product. This can lead to irritation in the eye including redness and stinging. It is best to start with a small dot of gel and gently blend in around the eyes.

Not Using Eye Gels

Although women are anxious about aging, it is better to postpone using eye gels until minor signs of aging are apparent. Prematurely using eye gels is a common mistake of young women.