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Cellulitis is a common complaint of many women, particularly around the the hips, thighs and buttocks region. Cellulitis is treatable with a number of different essential oils and available in a couple of applications.

Definition of Cellulitis

Medically, cellulitis is defined as the inflammation of the skin, usually on the face and legs, due to a bacterial infection. Often, the infection spreads into the tissues. However, the more common understanding of cellulitis is that which results in fluids and toxins infiltrating the body's fat cells, particularly in the thigh area of women, and resulting in an “orange peel” effect.

Essential Oil Treatment

Essential oils are naturally extracted from plants and contain different properties that can help in healing many problems, including cellulitis. Take note of any warnings for using a particular essential oil in specific circumstances.

Properties of Essential Oils for Cellulitis

Essential oils that help in the treatment of cellulitis have anti-bacterial, antiseptic and congestion-relieving properties to help balance, detoxify, stimulate and cleanse the body.

Types of Essential Oils for Cellulitis

Essential oils that are suitable in treating cellulitis include geranium, tea tree, thyme, rosemary, grapefruit and juniper. Any other essential oils that have the previously mentioned properties may also help treat cellulitis.

Use of Essential Oils for Cellulitis

Essential oils should not be used alone. For the treatment of cellulitis, add the essential oils to a bath or mix in a massage oil for use on the affected area. Essential oils can be combined together for a more effective treatment. For example, combine geranium and rosemary essential oil in a massage blend, or add tea tree and thyme oil to a bath.