Donna Michelle 7 Way Nail Buffer Directions

By Joe McElroy

The Donna Michelle 7-Way Nail Buffer is a specialized, four-sided emery board that has coarse grits, progressively finer grits, and a final buffer to add shine to the nails. Each section of the board is embedded with print that tells what step it is to be used for. Some women use a single, fine-grit emery board. The idea behind this and other 7-way nail buffers is that you have to progress from a coarse to a fine grit to achieve a high, smooth polish on your nails.

The Donna Michelle 7-Way Nail Buffer gives nails a smooth, polished look.

Step 1

Use the coarse grit to shape the edge of your nails. Sweep the board across the ends of your nails with light touches so as not to damage the nail.

Step 2

Refine the shape of the outer edges of your nails by using the medium grit. Again, use light sweeping motions to refine the shape you have already established. Make sure each nail has the same shape.

Step 3

Smooth out the edges of the nails by using the fine grit, again with light, sweeping motions.

Step 4

Condition the surface of each nail by gently and quickly rubbing the portion of the buffer that is so labelled against your nails. Three or four passes on each will suffice This takes out ridges in the surface of the nails.

Step 5

Smooth the surface of each nail by gently rubbing each of them with the section of the buffer so labelled. This will give each nail a matte-like finish.

Step 6

Use the edge labelled "nail buffer" to polish the surface of each nail to a smooth shine.

Step 7

Put the final gleam on your nails by using the part of the four-sided board that is labelled "polish and shine." Buff each nail for about five seconds.