macro manicure image by LadyInBlack from Fotolia.com

Buffing your nails is an important step of any manicure or pedicure. Buffing nails evens out ridges in the nails for a smoother feel. It also creates a beautiful shine on each nail. After using a nail buffer, your nails will look so pretty you may decide to skip the nail polish. When doing an at-home nail treatment, a professional buffer is not always handy. By using products found around the house, you can achieve smooth, shiny nails without an extra trip to the store.

Fill a bowl with warm water and soap to soak your nails in before buffing.

Find an old, soft cotton flannel clothing piece that you no longer need. Cut a square piece of the clothing with scissors. If you already own a chamois cloth, you can use this instead.

Run the soft cotton flannel or chamois cloth from side to side across each nail until you achieve the desired look.

Place a drop of beeswax on each nail for extra shine.


Use hand lotion after buffing for soft, irresistible hands.


Do not buff each nail too much or the nail may begin to burn.