sea salt

Sea salt spray is very easy to make and even easier to use. Store the spray in your bathroom cabinet and you can pull it out whenever you want to clean new piercings or create a tousled, ocean-kissed hairstyle.

Making Sea Salt Spray

To make an all-natural sea salt spray, you just need a clean spray bottle, eight ounces of warm water, and one teaspoon of finely ground sea salt. Put the water and the salt in the spray bottle and shake thoroughly. The bottle may not be fancy or bear the logo of a popular haircare line, but you saved between $5 and $10 by making the spray at home.

Protecting Your New Piercing

Upon getting a new body piercing, it is common for the piercer to recommend using a salt water spray two or three times a day to prevent infection and speed the healing process. Salt water is usually suggested because it is not as harsh as other cleaning agents. Products like hydrogen peroxide can destroy newly formed tissue, according to

Although it would be easy just to spray the salt water mixture directly onto your piercing, Body Graphics Tattoo in Philadelphia recommends that you spray the mixture onto a cotton. Use the wet swab to clean the entire area around the piercing, making sure that you get the front and back sides. Do this at least twice a day to ensure that the piercing heals properly.

Hair that Just Got Back from the Beach

David Maillie of says that you can achieve the beach look at home by completing just three steps. The first is to get your hair damp. The second is to spray the salt water all over your hair. The final step is just to scrunch sections of your hair to make them wavy. Now you can go about your business without doing anything further to your hair. There is no need to blow-dry or curl your hair because it will dry naturally in beautiful waves.

Although salt water is okay to use occasionally to create beautiful, wavy locks, it should not be used on a daily basis. Surfers who spend hours in the ocean every day are prone to dry, brittle hair because the salt zaps all of the moisture. According to an article in which professional surfers shared their beauty secrets with the Los Angeles Times, applying a leave-in conditioner at night before bed can counteract the drying effects of salt water. If you want to look like a beautiful surfer during the day, be prepared to condition like one at night.