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Chic, beachy hair waves are incredibly trendy and can be a quick and easy way to switch up your look. That being said, if you have naturally straight hair, getting the look can be a bit more of a challenge -- though definitely not impossible. Texturizing sprays can help turn your hair from straight to wavy in a snap.

How Beach Sprays Work

You don't need a day at the beach to give you beach waves. The key to creating beach waves is salt. And it makes sense -- it's the same stuff you find in the ocean that gives you those perfect beach waves after a romp in the surf. This is why sea salt is the active ingredient in beach sprays.

Some sprays contain other products, such as moisturizers to combat the drying affect of the salt or hairspray to keep your waves in place. Regardless the list of ingredients, if the product contains salt, you should be good to go. Try Beauty for Real's (South) Beach Texturizing + Hold Spray.

Create the Perfect Beach Waves

For most beach sprays, you'll need to start by shaking the bottle to get the optimal effect. Start with dry (or nearly dry) hair. Apply the spray in sections, making sure to mist your hair from root to tip. Scrunch or tousle your hair as you go. The more you scrunch, the wavier the hair will be. Let your hair air dry, and you're all set.

Play Around With Your New Style

If your super-straight hair needs a little extra help, after misting hair with beach spray, braid it or twist it into two buns and let it air dry. The tighter and smaller the braid (or the buns), the tighter and smaller the waves will be. So, if you want looser waves, try one or two braids/buns, and if you want tighter waves, try a few more. The key is to play around with the style until you achieve the look you like best.

Try a DIY Beach Spray

You can also skip the store-bought products all together and create a homemade beach spray. It's incredibly easy, just as effective and a lot more affordable. Just add one tablespoon of sea salt to one cup of warm water and shake well.

You can also add a drop or two of a moisturizing agent such as a conditioner or coconut oil to prevent the salt from drying your hair. Remember, the more spray, the bigger the result, so don't be scared to apply liberally.