Defect Problems With Maui Jim Sunglasses

By Virginia Franco

Maui Jim sunglasses are known for their lightweight stylishness and are loved by many who praise them for their ability to cut out glare as well as for their optical quality and comfort fit. While fans of the manufacturer outnumber the critics, there are nevertheless some common complaints voiced by owners.

Nose Bridge Breaks

Anecdotal evidence from user forums on websites like and have discussed the topic of Maui Jim Titanium sunglasses. A few owners have complained about the nose breaking or falling apart.

Glass Near Screws Prone to Cracks

Many owners have complained that Maui Jims are prone to small cracks in the area where the screw goes into the glass. Experiences with this sort of repair have been mixed, as indicated in the "Customer Service Qualms" section below.

Customer Service Qualms

According to the manufacturer, the Maui Jim warranty "covers defects in materials and workmanship for up to two years." While many owners appear to be satisfied with the customer service they have received from Maui Jim, there have been complaints when it comes to covering glasses that are less than two years old but that have been discontinued. One customer complained that because the sunglasses model was no longer made, he was offered only a 30 percent discount off of the retail price off another brand.