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Crazy Hair Day is an opportunity for your child to break the mold of traditional hairstyles and do something eye-catching and loud. With an endless possibility for designs, this is a useful time for your child to put together the wildest hairstyle she can imagine. Let your child express herself with an unusual and crazy hairstyle for this special day.

Multicolored Hair

Colored hairspray is available in a wide variety of colors, from traditional (red, orange, blue) to bold (neon, glitter-enhanced, etc.). With so many to choose from, kids may have a hard time deciding which one to use. The good news is they don't have to choose. You can give kids a slew of color by using multiple hues in their hair. Separate the hair into multiple mini-buns and give each section a different color. For each section of hair, you could also spray the base (the part of the bun closest to the ponytail holder) one color and the hair the rounded bun part another color. Top the whole thing off with a glittery hair spray.

Streaked Ponytails

If your child has ever wondered how many ponytails she can put in her hair, Crazy Hair Day is a good time to find out. For this idea from the blog "Oh Fiddlesticks," start by sectioning her hair into two equal (or unequal) parts, then section each of those into two equal parts for a total of four parts. In each of those parts, divide the hair into as many sections of small ponytails as you can, holding them in place with small, elastic bands. You can then use colored hair spray to give each ponytail a bright streak. The amount of time this will take depends on how wide your ponytails are and how long the hair is. Alternatively, you could just section her hair into about 10 different ponytails and streak each one with the hair spray.

Get Crafty

Craft items can be an eye-catching way to bedazzle your child's hair for crazy hair day. You can use almost anything from beads and feathers to pipe cleaners and ribbon. Kids can shape pipe cleaners into various designs, such as hearts, circles and triangles, then they can use a bobby pin to hold them in hair. Tie ribbons around ponytail holders, then use those to hold your child's hair. To add chunky items, such as buttons or small toys, glue a bobby pin to the bottom of the item then stick the item in your child's hair when the glue dries. Before long, your child's head will be a movable craft item display.