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Spa retreats are an excellent way to relieve the stress and tension of everyday life, whether it be for a single hour or several days. For Christian women searching for spiritual as well as physical relief, there are a variety of spas across the United States offering an array of services and retreat options.

Christian Wellness Center and Day Spa

Located in Tyler, Texas, the Christian Wellness Center and Day Spa allows Christian women to retreat from the stressors of their lives for a single day or afternoon. The center specializes in colonics and colon-hydrotherapies to help women feel healthier, while the reflexology services help to lessen the tension. With a Christian-centered atmosphere, the center seeks to provide spiritual relief through addressing the concerns of the body.

Christian Wellness Center and Day Spa 1011 Englewood Avenue, Tyler TX 75702 903-593-4025

Total Health Spa at the Total Health Institute

Founded by Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec, as a Christian-centered holistic treatment facility, the Total Health Institute is located in Wheaton, Illinois and offers one to four week programs. In addition, the institute offers a health spa for women that combines various treatments to help women feel healthier and more centered, including lymphatic drainage therapy, colon hydrotherapy, detoxification therapy, oxygen and infrared therapy as well as therapeutic massage. In addition to treatments that target the functioning of the body, the spa also offers beauty treatments such as microdermabrasion, organic peels, photo-rejuvenation, oxygen facials, and photodynamic skin tightening.

Total Health Spa at the Total Health Institute 23W525 Saint Charles Road in Wheaton, IL 630-871-0000 http://www.totalhealthinstitute.com/spa.html

Evensong by the Sea: Retreat and Spirituality Center

In beautiful Cape Cod, Evensong by the Sea: Retreat and Spirituality Center offers a variety of spiritual retreats for individual women and groups. Personal retreats are constructed to allow individuals time to reflect and recoup their inner peace through prayer, reflection, recreation, and time spent in nature. With beaches, water-related leisure activities such as fishing and boating, as well as hiking or walking through the onsite meditative labyrinth, a peaceful stay is guaranteed. Personal retreats require a minimum stay of two nights but can be as many as five or eight nights; there is also a 30-day Franciscan retreat option. The cost for personal private retreats is $125 per night, which includes meals; spiritual direction and Reiki appointments are available at extra cost. Evensong offers a unique opportunity to commune with God in a natural setting.

Evensong by the Sea: Retreat and Spirituality Center 326 Lower County Road, Harwich Port, MA 508-432-0027 www.evensongretreat.com