There are several components to having a healthy, long-term relationship, and great sex is definitely one of them. According to multiple studies, sex boosts happiness because it makes people feel more satisfied with their significant other. If your sex life has fizzled out and you're having trouble getting it back on track, you and your partner might consider attending one of several retreats around the world aimed at getting your sex and love life back in shape. Led by top relationship and sex therapists, these intimacy amp-up workshops are totally sleaze-free — no public sexual interaction or nudity in the itinerary.

So check out these six sex retreats, book your getaway, and start feeling closer than ever to your significant other.

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1. Get the Spark Back.

If you're like so many couples and the monotony of life has dulled the intimacy and excitement in your relationship, an Intimacy Moons Retreat may be the crash course you need. Led by licensed relationship and sex therapist Marissa James, the four-night retreat in Barbados is beach vacation meets couples therapy, providing guidance and communication tools you need to improve and grow your relationship as you experience a beautiful tropical getaway with fun, relaxing activities. Topics tackled include sexual intimacy, family values, relationship expectations, learning to let go and conflict and communication. Cost is $2,899 per couple.

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2. Enlighten Your Orgasm.

Less than 40 percent of couples achieve a shared orgasm at least half the time they have sex, but sometimes talking about the big O is uncomfortable for even married couples. Enter vaginal weightlifter and sexpert Kim Anami, whose seven-day sensual retreats in exotic locations such as Bali and Puerto Vallarta are a kind of sex education boot camp. Couples will learn everything from ways to connect with your partner to new sex skills and techniques (which they are expected to practice after class in private). This one's pricey —$12,000 per couple — but the experience includes luxury resort accommodations, yoga, catered meals — even a boudoir box filled with sex toys (obviously, only if that's something you're into).

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3. Improve Your Spiritual Connectivity.

Shared spirituality and meditation has been scientifically proven to increase closeness between two people. If you're having a hard time being zen with your significant other, certified sexologist couple Diana and Richard Daffner offer intimacy retreats in Siesta Key, Florida, Costa Rica and other locations that may help. These getaways focus on helping couples connect more deeply on an intimate level through yoga, tantra lessons and communication workshops. While there’s no nudity or sexual activity during group sessions, couples are assigned “private” assignments. At $695 per couple, this option is more affordable than the first two but typically doesn't include accommodations or meals.

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4. Master the Art of Tantra.

Intrigued by the ancient practice of tantra and how it relates to sexuality? Sex therapist and educator Jacqueline Hellyer offers Contemporary Tantra workshops in the Australian Blue Mountains and Bali where you'll learn Tantra fundamentals, which can help couples both in and out of the bedroom by building sexual tension, intimacy and connectivity. The “sleaze-free” teaching sessions range in topics from “conscious relating” to “sacred sexuality.” Cost starts at $2,275.

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5. Face Relationship Issues Head On.

If you are looking for a no-frills, science-based approach to mending your marriage, president and CEO of Couples Therapy, Inc Dr. Kathy McMahon has formulated intensive weekend-long couples retreats that she claims are the equivalent of six months of couples therapy. This is serious business — no margaritas, group sessions or yoga classes — just an intensive one-on-one retreat addressing your relationship issues head on with a skilled doctoral or masters-level couples therapist. Retreats are held within 300 miles of most major U.S. cities, including Hawaii, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Missoula, Montana, and Los Angeles and internationally in Tullamore, Ireland and New South Wales, Australia. From $2,250 per couple.

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