Can I Add Tea Bags to My Bath to Give My Skin More Color?

By Clare Edwards

If you want to get a sun-kissed look without dangerous UV rays or expensive tanning lotions, there are various natural options you can try. One of these is the addition of tea bags to your bath.

Tea bags are said to provide a natural tanned look.


In Britain during WW II, nylon stockings were in very short supply. To get a stockinged effect, women would sometimes use tea bags to tint their legs. The strong color of the tea would transfer to their skin.


The suggested amount of tea to add varies from recipe to recipe. Some claim that only a few bags are required, whereas others call for many tea bags to be used in a single bath. Some suggest rubbing a damp teabag on the skin instead of adding it to the bath.


Unlike commercial self-tanning products, tea has not been tested for this use and results cannot be guaranteed. While some people are happy with the effect, others complain of a jaundiced or sallow look.