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Mixing coconut oil with Moska oil cannot increase the speed at which hair grows given that all hair grows and rests at a genetically pre-determined rate. However, applying the mixed oils to the hair and scalp as part of a healthy hair regimen can prevent hair damage and, thus, lead to more retained hair length.

Moska Oil

Moska oil is a bluish-colored, manufactured hair oil, commonly used in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands (e.g., Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic). Most commercially sold blends of the oil contain a variety of ingredients, namely liquid Vaseline (mineral oil), lavender essential oil, fragrances and blue/green dyes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil (specifically extra virgin coconut oil) is a white or clear natural triglyceride of laueric acid that comes from the coconut plant. Historically, coconut oil has been used not only as a hair oil, but also for medical conditions (e.g., diabetes and high cholesterol) and in cooking and skin care products.

Effects of Mineral Oil v. Coconut Oil on Hair Growth

It has yet to be proven that either Moska oil or coconut oil, or any hair product for that matter, can cause hair to grow faster than what is allowed by genetics. However, two studies by the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) show the two oils (coconut oil and Moska oil's primary ingredient mineral oil) are beneficial in preventing hair damage.

The first of those studies was published in a 2003 by Rele and Mohile. It found that coconut oil is better than mineral oil and sunflower oil for preventing hair damage because it penetrates the cortex layer of the hair (leading to better conditioning), prevents hair cuticle damage during combing and reduces hair shaft swelling when hair is immersed in water.

Mineral oil lacks the same benefits of coconut oil, as cited by Rele and Mohile. However, in a second study published in 2007 on the effect of oil films on moisture absorption on human hair, Keis, Huemmer and Kamath found that mineral oil, which cannot penetrate the cortex layer of the hair, can prevent hair damage by serving as a protective barrier that aids in moisture retention.

Less Hair Damage, More Retained Length

The key to longer hair is taking steps to prevent as much hair damage as possible, as less hair damage means more retained length. Since coconut oil and mineral oil are both beneficial in preventing hair damage individually, mixing them can benefit hair.