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Dabur Amla hair oil is a moisturizing treatment for long hair. According to the product distributor Mehndi Skin Art, you can use Dabur Amla hair oil as an overnight revitalizing treatment or as an intensive, weekly hair treatment. The company claims that ingredients in Dabur Amla work to strengthen your hair as well as promote hair growth.

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in Dabur Amla hair oil is emblica officinals extract, also known as amla extract or Indian gooseberry. According to, amla extract works to strengthen the hair and prevent graying. Although boiling the amla berry in coconut oil is the usual preparation method, Dabur Amla uses canola oil as an alternative.


Emollient ingredients help to soften the hair by coating and protecting the hair shaft, preventing moisture from escaping. Emollient ingredients in Dabur Amla hair oil include the petroleum based emollient paraffinum liquidum, more commonly called liquid petroleum or mineral oil, and canola oil, a natural oil derived from the canola plant.


Emulsifiers prevent oil and water based ingredients from separating. In addition, these ingredients work to thicken and give the hair oil a smooth texture. Oleic acid, a component in canola oil, serves as an emulsifier, and palm glycerides work as a thickening agent.


t-butyl hydroquinone is the antioxidant ingredient in Dabur Amla hair oil. According to research presented by, antioxidant ingredients in hair care products help to reduce damage caused by overexposure to the sun.

Other Ingredients

Additional ingredients include a fragrance and yellow no. 10, green no. 6 and red no. 17, three U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved product dyes.